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BOSS OF BUZZ | Agency Principal

Known as "The Boss of Buzz", Agency Principal Kelly King is the founder of The LiveWire Agency and brings more than twelve years of experience creating, applying and managing innovative public relations and marketing campaigns for business and lifestyle brands, public figures, and entertainers.


Her creative forte, knack for pin-pointing successful market trends and building long-standing strategic partnerships has earned her the respect of writers, editors and business professionals in various markets.


Are you looking for an unconventional way to expand your knowledge and experience in the independent business world of communications, branding creative design?


We offer flexible opportunities for aspiring publicists, marketing pros and budding designers.  We're hiring for the following positions.  Apply today! You may be the right candidate for one of the following positions:


Junior Publicist (Houston)


Junior Publicist (Austin)


Junior Publicist (Dallas)


Creative Design Asst. (Houston)


Executive Asst. (Houston)


Team LiveWire Apprenticeship Program

(Internship - Houston, Austin, Dallas)

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