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The Isiah Factor takes on "Love. Period." with Pastor Rudy

Pastor Rudy Rasmus has a new book coming to book stands and devices July 8 and we're excited to be a part of this project! "Love. Period." (Worthy Publishing) is an amazing read, teaching us how to experience love in ways beyond the surface--how to invite and experience love in our day-to-day lives, how to share and show love and even how to love those who are different, forgotten and/or removed as "loveable" in our society.

Last week, we got the opportunity to have Pastor Rudy talk about what it is to "Love. Period." with Fox 26's Isiah Carey on "The Isiah Factor". It was a great chance for everyone to learn more about Pastor Rudy's own personal Love experience and why this book will change lives. If you missed it, catch it here.

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