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Big BINGO tapes for Fox 26's" The Black Voice"

This week we got yet another opportunity to invite communities of Houston to Big BINGO through Fox 26 KRIV's community affairs program "The Black Voice" with anchor Jose Grinan. Last month we shared the weekly event with Fox 26's "Hola Houston" viewers, so it's exciting to be able to once again share the charitable work that is being done every week through this family-oriented initiative.

Dr. Simeon Queen, Big BINGO Chairman and Dana Hogan, CEO of Campus Non-Profits for Bread of Life, Inc. discussed the fun of Big BINGO, but also expressed the joy of supporting the on-going efforts of Bread of Life, Inc. and how the lives of so many Houstonians are being changed through the housing, vast social services and food distribution that the non-profit offers.

Tune in to "The Black Voice" this Saturday on Fox 26 between 5 AM and 8 AM to catch the segment! sure to try your hand at winning some cash (up to $2,000 every week) at Big BINGO, EVERY FRIDAY at 8787 N Houston Rosslyn Rd., Houston, TX 77088.

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