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The Comparison Mind-Trick: Taking Professional Envy Out of Your Business Equation

We live in the digital age, where information is fast, the windows into each other's lives are wide open and the curtains are almost never drawn. In these times it can often seem as though any ole' body can enter e-stardom over night--that ANYONE can be catapulted in the realm of online fame within a few clicks.

This notion, (which is often misconstrewed--studies have shown that it takes a whole lot more than aggressive posting and the likes to reach internet sensation status. Soooo many other factors come into play, but that's another post and I digress...) can be frustrating. Hell, it can be downright DEPRESSING!

Seeing so many people who seem to be doing so darn well, so darn better than you on a daily basis can be emotionally debilitating, paralyzing even! It can compell you to fall into the mindset of "keeping up with the Jones'" or "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" which might be a better phrase for current times. This dilusional way of thinking can inevitably get you into a lot of trouble pschologically, financially and professionally. What's worse is that it can chip away at your sense of self value and ultimately keep you from reaching your professional and personal goals.

As an entrepreneur, I found it easy in my early years of PR, to slip into a cycle of comparing myself to others in my field. I would often beat myself up about what I hadn't accomplished (usually in an unrealistic time frame or with absolutely no resources or help) instead of focusing on the great goals I had reached. The time I could have given toward upward movement, wasn't being spent wisely, brooding over what someone else had that I didn't.

Don't get me wrong, knowing who and what the competition is in your market, is basic business sense, it can often help you set your brand apart from the pack. However, with time and experience and professional development, I learned to apply some of the same principles I was taught as a child to my business practices. I learned how to celebrate the upward movement of everyone in my field and I learned to 'keep my eyes on my own paper'.

I ABSOULUTELY love this article on by author and business coach Lauren Bacon "The Comparison Trap: How to Enjoy (and Not Envy) the Success of Others".

Check it out as a great refresher (with steps might I add!) on how to avoid falling into the "comparison trap" and how to instead channel that energy into something positive!


Known as "The Boss of Buzz", Kelly King is the founder and Agency Principal of The LiveWire Agency and brings more than twelve years of experience creating, applying and managing innovative public relations and marketing campaigns for business and lifestyle brands, public figures, and entertainers.

Her creative forte, knack for pin-pointing successful market trends and building long-standing strategic partnerships has earned her the respect of writers, editors and business professionals in various markets.

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